WordPress has evolved over 20 years from being a simple blogging platform to the giant that now powers nearly half the world’s website, both small and huge, personal and corporate. We have been building professional WordPress websites since 2013. while at the lower level an individual armed with no more than ‘WordPress for Dummies‘ can build and maintain a simple website.

The success has three main components:

  • Themes: thousands to choose your website look’n’feel
  • Plugins: thousands that add additional functionality
  • Customisation: to make your website unique


A theme determines how your website looks – its style. It reflects the image of your organisation and your own particular taste. Some people prefer busy and dark website. Others light and skeletal. Each theme has a number of customisations, colour, layout etc. This can only go so far and for more sophisticated websites we usually build a child-theme that stands on the shoulders of the chosen theme to moulds it more closely to your required specification.

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There’s a plugin for almost everything. Many help the site builder’s productivity, others display specialist information or animate webpages. The dominance of WordPress has made it the most attractive platform for developers and on that basis alone enables WordPress to outperform every other Content Management System (CMS) in functionality.

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We can have a WordPress up and running in minutes on our BrainServers and register any domain for you. You can takeover and add themes, plugins and content yourself. Or we can do it all for you. Or, as in many cases, we share the updating and maintenance. The choice is yours depending on budget and how complex you wish your WordPress website to be.

WordPress Pros

  • Widest choice of adds-ons
  • Easy to learn and adapt. Update your own site
  • Open source and free – giving you portability

WordPress Cons

  • Relatively inefficient and can slow under load
  • Unmaintained plugins & themes can kill your website
  • Targetted by hackers requiring vigilant updating

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