Web Design

For twenty years we lovingly hand built beautiful bespoke websites. But life and the internet has moved on. Web browsing is no longer the preserve of a deskt top PC but as readily accessed from tablet or smartphone.

Rather than build you three websites for each range of devices we have automated the process to bring you RESPONSIVE websites. ONE BUILD, ONE MESSAGE but delivered ANYWHERE from a range of THEMES based on a CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS).

What is a RESPONSIVE website?

The easiest way to describe is to see it. Start with looking at this website on a regular PC. Then you can make the browser progressively narrowere. The website will automatically wrap round the fill the available space. Images will automatically scale so you see them all. No scrolling from side to side. The menu becomes a dropdown bar. One website on many devices.

What are THEMES?

A theme is the skin of the website. It is how it appears to the user. It relects the style and image of your organisation. Some people prefer busy and dark website. Others light and skeletal. We are building a library of themes you can choose. And we can adapt the colours and detail to give a unique look to your website.

Compare the Themes and Solutions in our top menu. You can spot the underlying theme and how it has been tailored.


Modern websites are collections of text and images which are stored in a database and brought together on the fly for anyone browsing. This allows an enormous amount of flexibility with the content and presentation seperated so one can be changed without affecting the other.

It also makes the management of the website easier for everyone. You don’t have to be a websdesigner to add a page of information. If you can use Microsoft Word or LibreOffice you can produce content for you website. We can do it for you if you wish but you are not entirely dependent on a far away webdesigner to add or change content.


We use WORDPRESS as the base CMS augmented by PLUGINS and our own child themes. WORDPRESS has evolved from its origins as a blogging platform to a fully fledged major website driver. Around half of today’s new business websites are based on WordPress.