Website Hosting

We lease and manage our own servers. We use four data centres to avoid a single point of failure. They are located at:

  • [V1] Amsterdam (NL)
  • [V2] London (UK)
  • [V3] Washington (US)
  • [V4] Frankfurt (DE)
  • [V5] London (UK)

This gives a fast zippy response with ‘pings’ of typically under 15 milliseconds to South East England compared. This means your website loads faster.

We control the whole server so we can ensure it does not get overloaded with other people’s work. Hence you should get a 24/7 reliable robust service.

Nothing is perfect and we plan for the unexpected. Your website is automatically backed up in all three data centres. Hence should we lose connection with one – your website will be served from another. Its also archived at our London office and you are free to have your own backup if you wish.


We aim to run our servers on the latest stable Linux based software. This is currently ISPConfig 3.0 on Debian ‘Jessie’ running Apache 2.2.25.